Watch: Yasmin Jiwani on contesting journalistic objectivity

In the third instalment of the Global Journalism Innovation Lab’s Spring Speaker Series, Dr. Yasmin Jiwani considers what it means to write the unpopular, which could also easily translate into tweeting the unpopular or recording the unpopular.

Jiwani is a full professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Concordia University, where she is the Concordia Research Chair on Intersectionality, Violence and Resistance. 

Confronting the colonial mentality at the root of most Western journalists’ accounts of stories about others and about themselves, Jiwani asked how can we write stories that don’t resonate with a presumed common stock of knowledge.

By questioning one of the ‘god’ terms of journalism, the myth of objectivity, she posed the question: whose side are you on as a journalist?

Hosted by Mary Lynn Young, University of British Columbia.

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