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News innovation book

Journalism Innovation in a Time of Survival

Hermida, Alfred and Young, Mary Lynn (2021). Journalism Innovation in a Time of Survival. In News Media Innovation Reconsidered, Maria Luengo and Susana Herrera-Damas (eds.). Wiley-Blackwell.
Connected Canada cover

The Conversation Canada: A Case Study of a Not for Profit Journalism in a Time of Commercial Media Decline

Young, Mary Lynn & Hermida, Alfred (2020). In Dubois, Elizabeth and Martin-Bariteau, Florian (eds.), Citizenship in a Connected Canada: A Research and Policy Agenda, Ottawa, ON: University of Ottawa Press.
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From Peripheral to Integral? A Digital-Born Journalism Not for Profit in a Time of Crisis

Hermida, Alfred, and Young, Mary Lynn (2019). Media and Communication.
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