Global media engagement

This project assesses the role of amplifier platforms like The Conversation Canada in facilitating new modes of public intellectual engagement in digital and social media. They are conducting continuous, quantitative monitoring of The Conversation Canada content, assessing impact and global dissemination by using large-scale metrics to initiate a series of in-depth, qualitative forensic analyses focused on specifically selected case studies.

This work will facilitate valuable cross-national comparisons of the quality and impact of The Conversation Canada content globally.

Research Team

Michelle Riedlinger PhD


Chief Investigator in the Digital Media Research Centre, Queensland University of Technology

Jean Burgess PhD


Director, Digital Media Research Centre (DMRC), Queensland University of Technology

Axel Bruns PhD


Digital Media Research Centre (DMRC), Queensland University of Technology

Katharina Esau PhD


Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Digital Media Research Centre at Queensland University of Technology

Theme news

Scholars present  at ICA 2024

Scholars present at ICA 2024

74th Annual ICA Conference Gold Coast, Australia | 20-24 June 2024 …
Media International Australia

Academic explanatory journalism and emerging COVID-19 science: how social media accounts amplify The Conversation’s preprint coverage

Fleerackers, Alice, Riedlinger, Michele, Bruns, Axel & Burgess, Jean (2022). Media International Australia …
Jabulani Sikhakhane

Watch: Jabulani Sikhakhane on how journalism can help citizens navigate the world

Former long-time BBC environmental correspondent Richard Black on the challenges of reporting on the climate emergency …

Theme publications

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