ICA Post-Conference: Novel Directions in Media Innovation And Funding 

NEW: Deadline extended to January 23, 2023

Novel Directions in Media Innovation and Funding is an ICA post-conference on innovation in journalism that will bring together global scholars and leading journalists to address three key areas:

  • Analyze the impact of journalism funding and policy in different national contexts
  • Consider innovative and successful funding solutions adopted by media outlets internationally
  • Highlight the role of digital news start-ups and peripheral actors in reshaping journalism

Journalists will be invited to participate in the discussions to build bridges between academic researchers and practitioners. By assembling this shared expertise, this conference aims to galvanize those who seek meaningful repair, reform and/or transformation of journalism.

The conference will be held in a central location in downtown Toronto on the evening of Monday May 29 and the day of Tuesday May 30, 2023.

A registration fee of $75 Canadian ($25 for students and scholars from the Global South) includes two meals.

Questions, comments or suggestions? Get in touch with us at journalisminnovationlab@gmail.com

How to submit

We invite submissions from scholars on topics related to journalism funding and media policy, innovative funding approaches, and on the role of digital news start-ups in reimagining journalism.

Please use this form for submissions. You can choose to submit for the research breakfast and/or table talks.

The research breakfast

The research breakfast is an informal session with a panel of four to five scholars who will share insights of their research in progress. Each panelist will have five to seven minutes to talk about their current research, discuss its contribution and raise a research challenge. The aim is to foster a generative discussion on future directions for scholarship.

Submissions should include a 250-word description of the planned contribution, and a 75-word bio.

The Table Talks

The table talks are a series of participatory roundtable conversations aimed at addressing key issues in media innovation and funding. Speakers will act as hosts on a proposed topic of their choice related to the themes of the conference, with attendees circulating from table to table for coffee-shop style discussions.

Submissions should include a 250-word description of the planned contribution, and a 75-word bio.

Key dates

The deadline for submission is January 15, 2023 extended to January 23, 2023. Submissions will be selected by the organizers, Alfred Hermida and Mary Lynn Young, University of British Columbia.

Presenters will be notified by February 17, 2023.

Questions? Contact us at journalisminnovationlab@gmail.com

This conference is supported in part by the Social Sciences and Humanities Reseach Council.

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