What we’re all about

The Global Journalism Innovation Lab researches new approaches to journalism. Our research teams are looking at how new revenue models, new policy frameworks, and new modes of audience engagement can support informed, knowledge-based journalism so that it can continue to fulfill its essential public role in the 21st century. 

Our leading journalistic partner The Conversation Canada is an independent online source for news and opinion written by academics and edited by experienced journalists. It is delivered to the public via Creative Commons licensing and is free for anyone to read, share, and republish. The Conversation network continues to seek new ways to disseminate essential research that will enhance global public understanding of timely and important issues. 

This is an urgent moment for journalism. Traditional models are faltering. Mainstream media face increased media concentration, falling advertising revenues, and cutbacks in staffing. The 24-hour news cycle, the rise of mis- and dis-information, and the digital news landscape pose challenges to the production of high quality journalism. At the same time, critical global issues, from climate change to the Covid-19 pandemic, demand broadly shared and well informed journalism.  

Who we are

We bring together some of the best academic researchers and journalists to address these challenges and develop new approaches that will ensure evidence-based journalism maintains its place as a pillar of public discourse and social change.

Our institutional partners

Academic partners

  • UBC School of Journalism, Writing, and Media, Canada
  • Toronto Metropolitan University, The Creative School, Canada
  • University of Ottawa, Department of Communication , Canada
  • University of Ottawa, Centre for Law, Technology and Society, Canada
  • Queensland University of Technology, Digital Media Research Centre, Australia
  • Edinburgh Napier University, UK

Industry partners

  • The Conversation Canada
  • The Conversation France
  • The Conversation Media Group
  • The Conversation US
  • The Conversation UK
  • MediaIndigena

Previous partners

  • NEXT Canada
  • The Canadian Press/La Presse Canadienne

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