The role of Google and Meta in Canadian journalism

The debate over the role of Google and Meta in journalism in Canada is the focus of an article by project directors Alfred Hermida and Mary Lynn.

In the article for The Conversation Canada, they argue that the end of June “marked a powerful inflection point in Canadian journalism.”

As Google and Meta said they were going to pull news off their Canadian services, the owners of the Toronto Star and Postmedia Network, said they are exploring a possible merger. And Bell Media, which owns CTV, announced it wants to cut back on its local news commitments.

Hermida and Young suggest “these events reflect the changing nature of contemporary journalism systems, described by respected global media economists as “characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.”

“At stake is the nature of the country’s communications ecosystem, affecting how Canadians get news and information that matters to them.”

Read the full article at The Conversation Canada.

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