Daniel Justice reveals hidden life of Raccoons

GJIL researcher and UBC professor Daniel Justice’s new book Raccoon, published by Reaktion Books, investigates natural and cultural history of this opportunistic omnivore.

Raccoon traces the masked bandit’s biological evolution, social significance, and image in a range of media and political contexts.

According to the publisher: “From intergalactic misanthropes and despoilers of ancient temples to coveted hunting quarry, unpredictable pet, and symbols of wilderness and racial stereotype alike, Justice’s book offers a lively consideration of this misunderstood outlaw species.”

The book launch is taking place virtually on Friday, July 23, in collaboration with Reaktion Books, Iron Dog Books and the Real Vancouver Writers’ Series. The link to the registration can be found here.

“Daniel Heath Justice’s Raccoon is a fascinating and thoughtfully written exploration of its subject in science and culture — and a must-read for anyone like me who is curious about what, for example, Raccoon Mother (our best yard raccoon) is thinking on any given day,” wrote author Jeff VanderMeer in The New York Times.

This is Justice’s second book. His first book, Badger, was published in 2015.

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