Media innovation research in 150 words or fewer

A book chapter on journalism innovation by GJIL researchers Alfred Hermida and Mary Lynn Young has been featured in the Pithy Papers by the UBC Language Sciences Institute.

The Pithy Papers highlight recent important and interesting research in 150 words or fewer by Language Sciences members and colleagues.

Hermida and Young summarised the main findings of their book chapter, Journalism Innovation in a Time of Survival. In 150 words, they answered what is new in the research, why it is important and who should read it.

It’s time to take stock of what innovation has wrought.

They argue “for a broader approach to media innovation beyond a narrow technological or economic lens.”

They conclude that “a technological or economic perspective on innovation overlooks long-term social and cultural critiques of the role and legacy of journalism.”

The issue of the Pithy Papers also featured research on autistic traits for the general population, and on peer interactions in university courses’ group activities with English-as-an-additional-language students.

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